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Acid C-Note Cigars - Impressive in both size and construction. A must have for the devout smoker. Initial rose-like qualities followed by a second layer of sweet spice. C-Notes are very well balanced and multi-dimensional infused cigars. "A challenge to the palate."

Strength: Mild
Wrapper: Sumatra
Origin: Nicaragua

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Cnote, 14th Aug 2020

Reviewer: Robert Moco

A favorite with coffee. I like Sumatra fresh ground, black. Give it a try.

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Addendum, 15th Feb 2020

Reviewer: Roderick Turner

Hope it's ok that I add this to my original review. I found this online review and reminded of one thing I neglected to add to my initial review. These smoke like a house afire and you may send others around you scrambling for fresh air as demonstrated in this video.
These 3 jamokes crack me up as well.

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Floral, 15th Oct 2019

Reviewer: Roderick Turner

Very non traditional smoke with too much floral bouquet. Evident before lighting it up. I think that's what I did NOT enjoy most. They get some hype so I had to try one. To each their own.
If your going to try one, you may NOT want to place in your humidor due to the heavy floral aroma.

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