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Acid Blondie Candela Cigars

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The ACID Blondie Candela is a 4 x 38 that features a new and very tasteful Candela wrapper. It wouldn’t be a Drew Estate cigar without their signature ACID infusions. The new Candela wrapper mixed with the classic ACID infusions of the Blondie allows for a sweet and unique smoking experience.

Strength: Medium
Wrapper: Candela
Origin: Nicaragua

Customer Reviews

Average rating:

Sweet Spot, 26th Mar 2018

Reviewer: Stuart Sage

If you're looking for a cigar to fill a little time with just the right amount of sweet, then the Wafe is perfect.

Love It, 15th Feb 2018

Reviewer: Stuart Sage

My first sweet cigar was the Kuba Kuba. What a powerful, well made smoke.

Kuba kuba, 25th Jul 2017

Reviewer: Steve Martin

Several years ago my son-in-law gave me a Kuba kuba to smoke. I couldn't believe the aroma and the taste!! They are THE BEST without question!!!

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ACID Kuba Kuba Cigars, 31st Jul 2015

Reviewer: Marlon Sulph

Great sweet smoke. We love all Acid brand!

Nice, 28th Jul 2015

Reviewer: Hector Gonzalez

Flavor, Flavor & more flavor.

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Wow!!!, 2nd Feb 2015

Reviewer: Roberto Mariscal

I love this cigar, great flavor and taste, slow burning and just a well put cigar, has the right amount of sweetness. I smoked other cigars but I always come back to this one. Trust me if you haven't tried it, its a must.

Excellent!, 15th Sep 2014

Reviewer: Marie Pannell

By far the best tasting Acid cigar I've had to date! The wrappers tastes of sweet caramel and the tobacco has a smooth finish. My only complaint is that it isn't big enough. Will be buying a case of these.

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My favorite!, 4th Nov 2013

Reviewer: Jessica Maddox

These are great! By far my favorite cigar!

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Acid Kuba Maduro Review, 23rd Jul 2013

Reviewer: Henry Albers

This Acid is different from the regular Kuba Kuba due to the oily maduro wrapper, which gives the cigar a slight cacao taste. Like its brother it also has a sweetened tip and is cured with the aromatic blend of oils and herbs. As for construction it is top notch, no problems with the draw. And the burn produces a nice steel gray ash.

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Acid Kuba Kuba review, 23rd Jul 2013

Reviewer: Henry Albers

This cigar is probably the best known of all the Acids with the possible exception of the Blondie. The tobacco used in its construction is cured in a room with aromatic oils and herbs giving it a very floral flavor and aroma. The tip is slightly sweetened. Like all acids the burn is perfect producing lots of smoke and no problems with the draw. These cigars are great to smoke around non-smokers because it produces few if any complaints and even a few compliments.

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