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Xikar Puro Temp Digital Hygrometer Wireless Remote System


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Introducing the XIKAR PuroTemp™ Wireless Hygrometer System. This wireless remote hygrometer system can read up to 3 separate remote units in different locations/humidors allowing you to know the temperature and humidity level in all 3 locations without having to open the humidor. Take the guess work and stress out of monitoring your cigars. Trust XIKAR to protect your cigars!

PuroTemp™ Wireless Hygrometer System Features:
• Humidor temperature & relative humidity display
• Ability to monitor up to 3 humidors within a 60ft range
• High & Low temperature/ humidity alerts
• Temp. display in °F or °C
• Temp. Range: –13 to 140 °F or –25 to 60 °C
• Relative Humidity Range (RH): 20% to 95%
• Accuracy (RH): +/- 2% (Temp): +/- .1 °C
• Four function keys: CH, SELECT, UP, DOWN
•12 / 24 Hour Clock

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hygrometer, 13th Jun 2016

Reviewer: Robert Harrar

I think this thing works ok, but was under the impression that it would fit into the existing hole in my humidor. Not so, this is a decent quality humidor, over 100.00 dollars ten years ago, had to mount to the inside lid. Pretty disappointed.

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Humidifier, 8th Jul 2015

Reviewer: Anthony G. Saunders

Excellent product, works great and fast I started noticing one of my cigars drying out and I put the Xikar in and after 24 hours its almost completely fresh.

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