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Boveda 320 Gram Pack - 69%

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The 320 Gram Pack from Boveda is their largest size yet. The 60 gram pack is the most popular size but they released the 320 gram to condense 3-4 normal packs into one. Boveda says that this new release will last up to 6x longer than a normal Boveda 60 gram pack. These packs are created to fit into humidors ranging from 25ct to 150ct. The 320 Gram Pack is accurate to +/= 1% as long as they are kept in an airtight environment.

Dimensions: 6.75" x 5" x 0.82"

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Boveda packs, 5th Apr 2022

Reviewer: Zachary Adelman

Great product. I use in my 160 ct Diamond crown humidor. You want to get 2% higher then you need if you are putting in a humidor because you will lose 2% rh in general since humidors are not air tight.

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