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Xikar Tactical Lighters

Xikar Tactical Triple-Jet Flame Lighter - Black & Black


The Xikar Tactical Lighter is a new triple-jet flame lighter from Xikar.This lighter was inspired by “tactical tools and gear”, according to a press release from Xikar. The slim body of the tactical lighter is textured on the outside for a more secure grip. When ignited, the flames come together to form a triangular flame - this is because the three jet-flames are set in a row with the two outermost jets angled inward. You can inspect the remaining butane levels with ease because of the oversized double red fuel windows.

*includes lifetime warranty*

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One more star than it deserves, 31st May 2019

Reviewer: Chester Kennedy

Save your money. I thought by moving up to a $100 price point that I would get a strong and reliable lighter when compared to the numerous $10 - $19 lighters that I have around the house. I think it’s probably lower quality than most of those! It takes an average of. 4 attempts to get it to light. It’s awkward to operate (requires opening and closing the lid separate from the lighting action ). When you get it lit the flame is nice but hardly worth the effort. The lighter has a belt clip - somehow I missed that in the picture and description. Probably a good feature IF you are looking for that but the clip makes it unnecessarily FAT if you intend to carry it in your pocket.
Overall very disappointed

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