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Corona Cigar Co. Triple Torch Lighter - Black

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The Corona Cigar Co. Triple Torch Lighter is the perfect lighter to take on those long trips. With its small and compact design, this lighter can be carried anywhere and is guaranteed to light up your cigar with ease.

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Does not work, 3rd Nov 2021

Reviewer: Paul Robinson

Filled with butane and purged but it will not light. Get a burst of flame for a fraction of a second then goes out. Tried adjusting flame setting thinking it was turned up too high but still does not work. I can hear the hiss of butane when I pull on the trigger so I know there is butane in it. Even tried lighting it using another lighter but can only get it to light at a very specific flame setting and any minor adjustment and it won’t light. When I find this sweet spot and try to just light on its own it won’t work. Even when I light it using another lighter the torch flame is very week and easily blows out.

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You get for what you pay.., 25th Jul 2021

Reviewer: Ruben Dominguez

Was happy to receive my torch lighter and expecting to use it the same weekend since I had friends coming over.

When you smoke a decent amount of cigars you usually have several lighters and cutters but those usually those disappear throughout the years also. I was down to my last torch lighter and looking forward to lighting up some sticks with the Corona Cigar lighter.

Gassed it up and was ready to light up but nope, did not work. It lights up for maybe a second and shuts off. I played around with the flame volume and that didn’t do anything. Waste of time and money but I should’ve known better than to buy a $15 lighter.

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No Butane?, 20th Nov 2019

Reviewer: Michael Menard

I am guessing that they cannot ship lighters with butane added? Lighter will not light. Pretty Crappy. I'm ready to light up my new shipment of fine cigars. I live in the country. Its a half hour ride to find butane...Would liked to have known this in the lighter description. Either that or I'm just not smart enough to figure out how to use a lighter....Probably that one.

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