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Corona Cigar Ceramic Ashtray - Black

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The perfect ashtray for your smoker's patio! These ashtrays are ceramic and can hold 4 stogies. Features rubber bumpers on bottom of ashtray to prevent surface scratching.

Measurements: 9.25" X 9.25" X 2"

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Cigars slide into the Ashtray, 21st Dec 2019

Reviewer: Justin Toomer

This is well made, quality looking piece. The problem is that cigar slots are angled so far down every stick I set on it slid right into the ash tray. I wound up returning it and exchanging for the Arturo Fuente "Journey Through Time" ash tray. More expensive, but well worth it. As much time as these guys spend reviewing cigars its amazing they never tested out...their OWN ash tray. Regardless, I still consider the Corona Cigar Company the finest purveyor of cigars in the country (I'm speaking about both their cigar shops/bars and their online business). They immediately made this right and got the new unit out over night.

Semper-Fi Stogie Tray, 11th Jan 2014

Reviewer: Sgt. Salvador Monteverde, USMC, Ret. Disabled

For the amount I would consider it to be far greater than a bargain. I do believe that I have seen pictures of this particular one in the catalog and always admired it. YES!! ... Hope you like your review, as it is a truly colorful, and artistic ashtray. Take care and GOD bless,

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Great Addition to my Collection, 22nd Aug 2013

Reviewer: Scott Gaston

The Corona Cigar Company "Burn Collection Ceramic Ashtray is Gorgeous. As soon as I inspected it, it went right back in the box with my others. One day they will "ALL" come out and be enjoyed, but for now, with a 24 year old son, things "Disappear" around here on a much too frequent basis only to be found years later!

If you're looking for a classy ashtray to add to your collection, this is definitely one to sink a whopping $20 something investment into!

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