PDR Cigars are delicately handcrafted and hand-rolled by highly-skilled crafters, true artisans, with a determination for excellence. The factory is located in Tamboril, Dominican Republic where experienced Torcedors use intricate techniques creating cigars demonstrating a true passion for the art of cigar making. Cigar aficionados appreciate such fine details. Simply put, these details are the base of old-world pride of generations of cigar makers - this cannot be achieved in mass productions. Detailed attention to each and every cigar results in the luxurious boutique quality with the highest standards and superb characters. PDR Cigars understands that a great smoking experience begins with an expertly constructed cigar and the experience of skilled tobacconists, who have mastered the fine art of blending for flavor and balance. PDR Cigars keep historic cigar artistry alive! PDR Cigars are the paragon of what detailed perfections will bring together for notable differences in a finished cigar!

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