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World Famous Acid Cigars

  07/28/2016 at 10:10 am

Whether you are a cigar aficionado or a beginning cigar user, the robust taste and flavor of an Acid Cigar is one you will want to experience. Each brand has a unique range and kaleidoscope of tastes never imagined in a cigar and you will greatly appreciate the reward for your efforts.

Acid Cigars are widely known for making these premium infused cigars and has developed a cult following over the past decade. Handcrafted at the Drew Estate factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, Acid Cigars are made from the finest select tobacco and then infused with rich botanical oils, and spices for your smoking pleasure.

The unique combination of Acid Cigars offers a smoking experience that no rival can match. They are widely recognized throughout the world an industry leader in the market of these premium, infused cigars. This cigar brand has become some of the most popular cigar lines for smokers who want to enjoy a rich botanical flavor from a herb and spice laden cigar.

There are many flavors to choose from and each is unique in flavor, strength and robust tones.

Acid Gold Holistic Cigarsare wrapped in a dark Nicaraguan Maduro leaf that produces a lush botanical flavor combined with floral and herb notes.

The Acid Roam Natural Cigar is one of the creamiest cigars on the market. It is wrapped in a Connecticut shade-grown wrapper and has been cured in an oak cask for 150 days prior to being released producing a light floral aroma.

Acid Extra Ordinary Larry Cigars is a unique and impressive cigar in its size and manufacture. This premium cigar, with its initial rose like flavors are followed by a second layering of sweet spice is made for cigar aficionados who value the multidimensional balance of this infused cigar.

Finally the Acid Liquid Cigars is a medium strength cigar in beautifully packed into a Connecticut shade wrap. This robusto sized cigar offers a very rich taste with its mild to medium bodied smoke offering hints of cashew nut flavor.

When you want to experience the truly magnificent taste and flavor of a world-class cigar, then an Acid Cigar is what you want to have at your disposal. With many strengths and flavors to choose from, there is certainly one that will fill your palette. For a complete listing of these fine Acid Cigars, check out for these and many other fine cigars and cigar related items.

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