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The History of Acid Cigars

  01/03/2017 at 09:25 am

The process of rolling and constructing an Acid Cigar is different from any other type of cigar. Acid Cigars are a relatively new creation, dating back to only 1999. Begun by two college students, Acid Cigars were a hot new commodity bringing an edge that a very traditional business of cigar rolling was lacking. Acid Cigars are known for their fruity and floral flavors or aromas, which is born out of the tobacco leaves being infused with essential oils and herbs. This brings a new flavor to the cigar scene that is typically known as a distinguished, old-world type of hobby. The young, fun feel that an Acid Cigar has provides more diversity among modern-day cigar lovers. Said to be enjoyed by business men, college age boys, and cigar aficionados alike, Acid Cigars unites cigar lovers of all kinds. 

The founders of Acid Cigars, Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samuel, were college students in New York City when they decided to start their own business. Being lovers of cigars themselves, but with little knowledge on the subject, they embarked on a journey of learning to the heart of cigar rolling in Nicaragua. After meeting and sharing a workspace with renowned street artist Scott “Acid” Chester, they finally had an edgy name for their new brand. Now their company, Drew Estate, holds their headquarters in Nicaragua. Each cigar is crafted to perfection in their factory, with a unique taste and strength in each hand rolled experience. Drew Estates rolls Acid cigars in a variety of strengths and flavors, so they may be enjoyed by those with a more mild palette or a more adventurous one. No matter which you choose, it definitely is a cigar experience set apart from the rest. Plase Contact Us for more information on Acid or any other flavored cigars that we have.

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