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Staff Selections

Staff Selections

Here at Corona Cigar Company, we love cigars as much as you do. Check out a few of our favorites below.

  • Jeff B.

    Diamond Crown Natural

    Jeff B.


    "One of the most consistent ultra-premium cigars out there. "

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  • Davidoff Classic

    Davidoff Classic

    Tanya B.

    Vice President

    "One of the best quality cigars in the industry today. Must try!"

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  • Tommy D.

    Davidoff Special T

    Tommy D.

    Store Manager

    "A nice smooth Mild to Medium cigar with hints of nuts and wood notes."

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  • Stan S.


    Stan S.

    Marketing Director

    "Avo cigars are a truly enjoyable smoke; perfectly balanced."

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  • Joey W.

    Davidoff Nicaragua

    Joey W.


    "It's the best Nicaraguan Puro on the market today."

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  • Danny S.

    Padron 1964

    Danny S.

    Operations Manager

    "Simply a great smoke. What's not to's a Padron!"

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  • Greg A.

    Ashton VSG

    Greg A.


    "This smoke is robust with flavor and has a bold finish!"

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  • Nick P.

    Liga Privada No.9

    Nick P.


    "This is a truly full-bodied powerhouse!"

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  • Andrew B.

    Padron 1926

    Andrew B.


    "Amazing smoke! Its rich flavors will have you coming back for more."

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  • Don M.

    Avo 80th

    Don M.

    Cigar Specialist

    "A great creamy afternoon smoke with your favorite beverage."

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  • Luiz C.

    Joya de Nicaragua

    Luiz C.

    Cigar Specialist

    "Full bodied, yet smooth; and all at a great price."

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  • Kayala H.

    Avo Classic

    Kayla H.


    "Very smooth and flavorful Dominican; beautiful aromas."

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  • Chip B.

    Davidoff Special R

    Chip B.

    Cigar Specialist

    "Wonderful morning cigar with a cup of coffee."

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  • Jill J.

    La Colmena by Warped

    Jill J.

    Cigar Specialist

    "An exquisitely flavorful medium-bodied smoke perfect for anytime of day."

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  • Roberto B.

    Padron 1964 Imperial Maduro

    Roberto B.

    Bartender Support

    "An enjoyable full-bodied cigar with a just a hint of cocoa; ranked in the top 25 cigars."

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  • Nick P. II

    Davidoff Escurio Robusto

    Nick P.

    Cigar Specialist

    "First Davidoff with Brazilian tobacco. Great blend...a nice leathery, creamy rich taste."

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  • Ryan R.

    Padron 1926 No. 1 Maduro

    Ryan R.

    Cigar Specialist

    "This Maduro is the perfect evening cigar. The full bodied rich flavor makes it my favorite smoke."

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  • Matt G.

    Davidoff Anniversario No. 3

    Matt G.

    Cigar Specialist

    "A medium body cigar with effortless draw, very smooth creamy notes with hints of leather and floral flavors."

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  • Barry B.

    Avo Classic Covers 2015

    Barry B.

    Cigar Specialist

    "Nice medium body. Easy draw. Nice Leather with a bit of spice on the finish."

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  • Jimmy D.

    Hirochi Robaina Toro

    Jimmy D.

    Cigar Specialist

    "Full bodied, pepper galore, and very oily wrapper. Great smoke with a Knob Creek Single Barrel."

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  • Matt D.

    Davidoff Colorado Claro Special R

    Matt D.

    Cigar Specialist

    "A nice balanced smoke with a mild flavor and just a hint of spice."

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  • Mike R.

    Davidoff Maduro Robusto

    Mike R.

    Night Manager

    "A smooth, medium bodied maduro with a rich complexity."

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  • David C.

    HR Toro

    David C.

    Cigar Specialist

    "Nice peppery full bodied Nicaraguan smoke, great after dinner cigar."

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  • M.J. T.

    Padron 1926 40 Year Maduro

    MJ T.

    Cigar Specialist

    "This is a great after dinner cigar. A full bodied masterpiece that has great notes of dark chocolate, some leather and black pepper."

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