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New Cigars: Picture Perfect Offerings from Miami’s Edgar Hoill

  07/21/2015 at 18:36 pm

Are you on a quest for new cigars that are picture perfect? If so, may we recommend a little something from Edgar Hoill? Widely recognized as a lifestyle, fashion mogul and renowned photographer, he has many talents. And cigar making is towards the top of his skills’ list. We’ve got one of his latest, lealtad offerings in stock now for less than regular price.

Hoill’s lealtad cigars are worthy of a double-fold, magazine spread. They’re 6-1/4 by 60-inches in size and as fiery as the Latino himself. One taste of the full strength Habano wrapper and broadleaf lovers are apt to frame the rest of their days around cigar boxes full of these picturesque beauties. They have a dark, attractive appeal, much like the artists’ photographs. But the exotic look of this new cigar doesn’t reveal the whole picture.

The display worthy feature is its unique flavor. It’s a pervasive mix of Mexican coffee tapered with cedar, oak and pepper. So we’d suggest not muddying the experience by tossing in other flavors. Instead, savor it like you would a $2,000 bottle of Barrique de Ponciano Porfidio tequila or a luxury, beachfront suite in Monterrey, Los Cabos or Cancun.

And keep in mind that Edgar Hoill’s new cigars are just the tip of the tripod. We’ve got several of the Latino cigar maker’s finest in stock. For instance, you could alternate between the new lealtads and his Pasion singles. If Edgar Hoill Pasion singles don’t shake your boots, don’t be disappointed. We still have Edgar Hoill Cultura and Vida cigars on offer too.

Choose from singles or affordable boxes while our collection of Edgar Hoill cigars last. And remember, like the best light for taking photos, these cigars won’t stick around forever. To learn more and sample the Latino’s finest, please contact us.

By Corona Cigar Co.