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Lovers of Vintage Cigars Know: Age Matters

  03/07/2017 at 08:59 am

Vintage cigar lovers know a well-aged cigar can deliver a mellower flavor with layers of complexity that linger sweetly on one’s palate. Enjoying one of these beauties is a complete sensory experience. It is not something to be taken lightly, nor rushed. Like a great, full-bodied wine, vintage cigars are an organic product, and aging is key to perfecting their taste. When it comes to choosing a well-aged cigar, look for the larger ring-gauge variety. What does a larger ring-gauge have to do with aging well? It’s the overall thickness of these cigars which allows a greater variety of leaves to be added. And it’s this variety which imparts an intriguing blend of smooth flavors and aromas that differentiates a vintage cigar from one that is not aged. Another distinguishing factor is that due to the larger size of these cigars, the inner leaves tend to be better protected from fluctuations of temperature and humidity in the environment. This adds the benefit of stability to the aging process which is vital to the quality of the final product.

We offer cigar lovers several outstanding choices.

Fonseca Vintage Cetros Single Cigar - a wonderfully mild and smooth blend aged 5 years in Tercio bales. H. Upmann Vintage Belicoso Single Cigar - medium-bodied with a slight cedar spice - and is often favored over higher-priced cigars.

Romeo Y Julieta Vintage L Natural Single Cigar - for the best vintage blend of rich, smooth and complex blend of flavors, cigar lovers cannot go wrong with this popular pick.

As consumer interest in well-aged cigars grows, we will continue to source new ones and retain the palate-pleasing favorites. If you have not yet tried a well-aged cigar, let us help you choose a brand that will allow you to fully appreciate the wonderful qualities of this style. If you are already passionate about vintage and would like to explore additional flavors, we can help you make the perfect pick.

We understand the importance of choosing a new cigar for the first time - because cigar lovers do not simply consume cigars, we experience them.

By Corona Cigar Co.