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Join the best Cigars of the Month Club

  10/17/2019 at 02:36 am

Cigars of the Month Club

Many people choose to smoke cigars for the relaxing experience. A cigar can last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours based on the size or brand. If you are a cigar lover or looking for the perfect gift for the cigar lover in your life, our Cigars of the Month Club is the way to go. This club will provide you or the other cigar lover the perfect monthly relaxation gift that keeps on giving.

At Corona Cigar Co., our cigar professionals, or cigar experts as we call them, handpick from our premium inventory and then deliver the finest cigars to you each month. We believe our monthly cigar club provides the best opportunity to try cigars from all around the world at a reasonable price. This club can introduce to you the best cigars in the world, and will also include a cigar torch lighter for free to enhance your experience. If you join the Cigars of the Month, not only will you reap the benefits of trying the finest cigars in the industry, but also receive 10% off all of your future purchases with Corona Cigar Co.

Here is how our program works!

Each month we will automatically ship you a sampler of 6 assorted cigars with an informative pamphlet describing each cigar, so you can remember each one. All six cigars will be from different manufacturers, in assorted sizes and blends. You will not get Torpedos, all Maduros, or all CAOs. These cigars will range in price; the average MSRP value of all six cigars will total more than $50.00. We will charge your credit card at the beginning of each month so you do not have to worry about looking for random charges on your card. If you wish to suspend or cancel your membership, call us by the end of the month and it will be taken care of. We are extremely easy to work with and want to make sure you have the best experience. The moment you join our club you will get 10% off any cigars you purchase. For example, a $250.00 box of Cohiba cigars would only cost you $225.00! Our Cigars of the Month Club costs a total of $24.95 + $4.95 each month for as long as you like, and you will be receiving cigars totaling more than $50.00.

If this program sounds like something you would be interested in for yourself or a gift for a loved one, please visit our website here for more information. We hope you treat yourself and join us for the most relaxing club of the month and enjoy cigars from all over the world with Corona Cigar Co. and our Cigars of the Month Club.

By Corona Cigar Co.