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Essentials for Cigars: What Every Smoker Needs

  06/01/2017 at 08:59 am

Much like a fine cognac connoisseur or a Harley Davidson enthusiast, a cigar smoker must invest in the hobby to reap the greatest rewards. The art of the cigar entails so much more than just a lighter and the desire. Cigar accessories can be pricey but they don’t have to be. The only criterion is to be of quality. The money you spend on your cigar accessories is as important as what you spend on the cigars themselves. You will be using them often, so they need to be sturdy. Here is a list of the absolute essentials every cigar smoker must have and a few extras.

Bringing the Heat

You must have fire to light a cigar. Cigar smokers generally us a different type of lighter than a cigarette smoker would. Lighting the cigar is part of the ritual of enjoyment cigar smoking brings. Many cigar pros will only light up with a long, untreated match. Others prefer the efficiency and modernism of a torch lighter. Cigar torch lighters come in a wide array of sizes, types and price ranges. It is best to start with a smaller, less expensive model such as the Rocky Patel Kamikaze T2 Dual Torch and then progress to something geared more toward cigar aficionados like a Xikar Corona Triple Torch Table Lighter. If want to go all out, try the Limited-Edition James Bond 007 ST Dupont Ligne 2.

Making the Cut

Any cigar smoker of experience will tell you, a badly cut cigar is one of life’s biggest disappointments. While the $2.99 cigar cutters at the corner store will usually do the job, a stainless-steel cigar cutter will never let you down. The Vertigo Big Daddy Cutter is a great one to start with. It has an 80-inch gauge so you’ll never be left without a fine cut. When you’re ready for something a bit more extravagant, try a Zino Double Blade. You’ll be amazed at the precision.

Let the Ashes Fall

The first thing to consider when choosing an ash tray for cigar smoking is where it will be used. If it is to be used outside and left in the weather, it should be made of something plain and hefty, like glass. The Zino Optical Glass ashtray is a perfect selection for outdoor use. Inside ashtrays have more options as they will be subject to less wear and tear. Try something with your favorite cigar manufacturers logo on it like the Arturo Fuente Opus X.

If you go very deep into cigar smoking, you’ll need a humidor. You may also decide you need a carrying case. Your needs will change as you develop your hobby further. You’ll soon find yourself with more cigar accessories than you knew existed.

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