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Corona Cigar Rewards Program You Need to Know About

  01/21/2020 at 10:51 am
Corona Cigar Co. Rewards Program


Corona cigar company is the best store you should make your number one store choice. The store offers different brands and the best cigar types for both in-shop and online buyers. Corona stores offer you every cigar you may need, and quality is what the store aims at providing its customers. Purchasing from the store has many benefits, among them the Corona rewards program. Let's see everything you need to know about Corona rewards programs.

Corona Rewards Program

The  Corona Rewards Program gives you the chance to access discounted as well as get special offers regularly. Additionally, you get to be sent emails on new products in the market and all the information you need to know about cigars. The good thing is that you get emails that are of significance, not filling your inbox with unnecessary information you're not interested in receiving. You will earn yourself points by just purchasing cigar with one dollar being equivalent to one point.

Signing up for Corona Rewards Program

You will need to sign up by just checking out after making your purchases. Well, by only signing up, you earn yourself 10 points for your first purchase. For all other purchases of a cigar, you make you get to earn yourself 1 point for every dollar you spend. Additionally, for every 250 points, you get yourself $10, Corona bucks. You can use the bucks later to make purchases of cigar or any merchandise you wish to spend on with the company.

Is the program worth your time

Well, just by having a review of what the program entails, you can tell if it's worth your time. You only need to know that you're not investing any of your money into the program. It's all about merely signing up and making purchases. You can as well stay in the program as long as you need, and your account can only be terminated if you violate the terms and agreement of the program.

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