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Corona Cigar Rewards Program: The Program That Gives Back All Year Long

  12/17/2019 at 12:06 pm
Corona Cigar Co. Rewards Program

This upcoming new year, whether you are a cigar aficionado or a cigar newbie, do yourself a favor and join the Corona Cigar Rewards Program for the ultimate initiative that will keep giving back all year long.

What is the Rewards Program

The Rewards Program is the perfect way to kick off the new year with a simple way to get points for the cigars you buy. Every dollar you spend, whether online or in the store, you will receive one point toward future discounts and promos. It's a great program where you earn... every time you buy! Through the Rewards Program, not only will you be getting offers and exclusive discounts, but you will also be privy to emails that will offer new products and limited items. The best part is that we will only send you information on the cigars that you buy most often. Saving your email from deals that you may have no interest in, and leaving you with more time to scoop up your favorite cigars. 

The Benefits

Signing up for the Rewards Program is extremely easy; all you have to do is proceed to the checkout screen after you order. There you will start earning points. The best part- there is absolutely no charge to become a member.  The setup is a breeze, and the benefits are endless.

  • When you first sign-up, you will automatically receive an additional 10 points on your first purchase! 
  • Every dollar that you spend on cigars will equal one point earned.
  • For every 250 points, you will receive $10 Corona Bucks (CB). You can use these bucks towards purchases or for exclusive cigar merchandise.

Not only does Corona Cigar provide it's customers with access to top premium cigars from around the world, at amazing prices, but they recognize their loyal customers through their rewards program. It's an excellent way for customers to benefit from each purchase they make... time and time again! For more information on the Corona Cigar Rewards Program, contact us today!

By Corona Cigar Co.