Cigars of the Month Club Delivers Year-round Delight

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Jun 6 2017

When was the last time you got something truly exciting in your mailbox? Sign up for Corona Cigar Co.’s Cigars of the Month Club, and you’ll start eagerly anticipating your postal carrier’s arrival. It’s a convenient, affordable way for you, or someone you love, to sample some of the finest cigars produced at an affordable price.

Special Delivery

Every month we’ll deliver a selection of six premium cigars to your front door. Our own professionals hand-pick each month’s assortment to provide a variety of flavors, lengths, and styles from such renowned brands as Montecristo, CAO, and our own line – Florida Sun Grown. We also include information about each of the stogies we send you. The program’s perfect for the novice smoker who wants to sample an array of aromatic tobaccos. However, our choices are sophisticated enough for those with a more developed palate who want to expand their cigar collection.

Affordable Elegance

The luxury of hand-crafted cigars costs much less than you might think. Our Cigar of the Month Club offers you an exceptional deal on some exceptional cigars. Each month we’ll send you six top quality, hand-rolled stogies from some of the most prestigious brands on the planet for less than $25 (plus shipping and handling.)Most samplers have an average retail value of more than $50. That’s an outstanding in deal! But it gets even better – a membership entitles you to 10% off all future purchases, and we’ll give you a free torch lighter just for signing up!

Classy Convenience

Savoring the flavor of a excellent cigar has never been simpler! Once you sign up, we’ll automatically bill your credit card monthly. After that all you have to do is anticipate the amazing flavors we’ll help you savor. A membership also makes a terrific gift. It’s the perfect way to show your favorite cigar aficionado just how much you care.

Contact us today for more information or any other questions you may have about our Cigars of the Month Club!