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3 Must-Have Cigar Accessories for Golfers

  05/07/2020 at 12:32 pm

Are you thinking about bringing stogies with you the next time you hit some golf balls? Golf and smoking cigars are a favorite pastime for many of our customers. Below are three different accessories you can bring along to make your experience even more enjoyable. 

1. Get a Portable Cigar Ashtray

The last thing you want to do is get cigar ash on your golf pants or worry about accidentally burning the seat of your golf cart. That's why we suggest you get a portable ashtray. The Xikar Ash Can is one of our most popular portable ashtrays and only costs $19.95. The can also fits snugly inside any standard cup holder. The Xikar Ash Can also has a screw top lid, so you can simply drop your cigar butt inside and screw the lid to contain the smell. 

2. Buy a New Golf Shirt

If you really love to smoke premium cigars, why not proudly display it on your chest? Our logo shirts are perfect if you want to try something different than a traditional polo shirt. We offer two different types of shirts, Guayabera and Cubavera, which comes in multiple colors and sizes. Made with a cotton and polyester blend, we are currently offering a 14% discount on our shirts at $29.95. 

3. Get a Cigar Case

Another cigar accessory should bring on the golf course is a cigar case. Now you can get your own Corona Cigar Case for $27.95, which is a 38% discount from its retail price. The stylish, cedar-lined cigar case is made with genuine leather and can fit inside almost any bag or pouch. 

To learn more about our cigar accessories, please contact us today. Corona Cigar Company is the premier e-commerce store for brand name brand cigars and accessories. We're proud to offer premium products at rock bottom prices.

By Corona Cigar Co.