Van 22 Robusto Single Cigar

The Van 22 is finally here! The Van 22 is a premium cigar at a reasonable price. The construction is perfect! Its firm assembly produces an even burn throughout the smoke. The Van 22 is comprised of an Equadorian Habano wrapper, Dominican binder, and both Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers. Its medium to full body taste and aromatic bouquet offers a pleasing mouth-watering and savory flavor, delivering delicate notes of leather, cedar, and touch of earthiness that is bound to please even the most sophisticated cigar connoisseur. The Van 22 currently is sure to please the palate. You will not be disappointed. Van 22 cigars, exclusive to Corona Cigar Company, are extremely limited and in high demand.

Strength: Mild to Medium
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Origin: Dominican Republic

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Customer Reviews

Average rating: 4 stars

4 stars title= Now We're Smoking, 23rd May 2013

Reviewer: Max Szobonya

Beautiful looking cigar in color and construction sweeet aroma and flavor even cool burn and white ash flavor of cedar and tara from start to finish smoked to the nub and fingers got hot really worth the $9.00's. I'll take a box for my birthday.

3 stars title= Two Face, 26th May 2013

Reviewer: Paul Pent

Well made cigar with a dark ash and an even burn...some great flavors mixed with harsh aftertaste.

4 stars title= Van 22, 26th May 2013

Reviewer: Gerard Gamache

Nice looking wrapper. smooth draw, nice ash. Wow, excellent taste and aroma, Very fine smoke,

4 stars title= Worth the Money, 27th May 2013

Reviewer: J.m. Krasnianski

Good smoke. Don't know the difference between White or Black pepper in taste but definitely a slight peppery taste at beginning. Full taste and mellows right to the end. As previously said, burnt my fingers smoking to the nub.

4 stars title= Really nice, 27th May 2013

Reviewer: Ron Thomas

Good flavor, nice even burn and easy draw. I only wish it was longer so it would have lasted longer!

4 stars title= Gordito, 28th May 2013

Reviewer: Tyler Donelson

Really fat cigar, (large ring gauges aren't to my preference) although this one really had a nice clean draw and quite tasty consistent flavor. Only down side is that I got one with a bad wrapper that broke halfway down the smoke.

4 stars title= Great!, 28th May 2013

Reviewer: Tim Davis

This is an excellent stick. The flavor hits you right off the bat, a very woodsy/oak flavor with hints of some spices and that continues throughout. It can tend to weaken and the flavor stays consistent so those seeking variety may not enjoy it so much.
The construction is very decent with a nice draw.

3 stars title= Van 22, 29th May 2013

Reviewer: Robert Venier

Nice big ring gauge. Great flavors for a nice relaxing smoke. A well built cigar.

4 stars title= Grand Van!, 31st May 2013

Reviewer: Corey Carroll

The Van 22 is a winner from the start. It looks good, has a pleasant smelling wrapper, and is packed well. Although it has a larger ring gauge, it was not awkward to smoke. It lit well (I toasted mine) and burned very evenly. It has a very woody flavor, almost distinctly cedar. The flavor was consistent throughout, and it burned for quite a long time. I look forward to enjoying another one!

3 stars title= Gordito, 31st May 2013

Reviewer: Robert Guariglia

Dark, veiny wrapper. Quick and easy to light despite its thickness.

Bit of a harsh aftertaste but not overwhelming.

Even burn.

Leather and earthiness on the palate.

Not an every day cigar for me - I prefer a more subtle cigar - but I would smoke one of these occasionally.

5 stars title= sweet smoke!, 1st Jun 2013

Reviewer: Chuck Mackarness

Pre burn: firm but forgiving between the thumb and forefinger. Excellent aroma. Like art work to view.
Burn: .nice draw end to end. Smooth creamy vanilla notes. Even ash. No nub build up of nasties.

5 stars title= Sweet Smoke!, 1st Jun 2013

Reviewer: Chuck Mackarness

Pre burn: firm but forgiving between the thumb and forefinger. Excellent aroma. Like art work to view.
Burn: .nice draw end to end. Smooth creamy vanilla notes. Even ash. No nub build up of nasties.

3 stars title= Van 22, 1st Jun 2013

Reviewer: James Novell

Good cigar. A bit softly rolled.

5 stars title= A New Favorite, 4th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Bruce Larson

I was really looking forward to this smoke and it was everything I anticipated. A great well balanced mild cigar with a mild peppery spice that is more pronounced in the nose. A pretty mellow aftertaste that only develops towards the end. Nice even draw with an even burn and firm but nice light white ash.

4 stars title= Great With Wine, 9th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Anthony Colasacco

Van 22 is a name I never heard before but one I will remember when ordering cigars again. I poured a glass of Barolo and lit up not knowing if the taste of this cigar would math its good looks, SURPRISE, it did. A definite on any buy or try list.

3 stars title= Gordito, 9th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Jason Schultz

I am not a fan of the larger ring sizes, but figured I'd try it. Started nice, with a peppery/spiciness. However, half way through the burn went astray and no amount of touchups would correct it. The filler seemed a bit "uneven" in density as I smoked, too. The last third left a bit of an ashy taste in my mouth. I'd smoke it again, for comparison, but at this point, I know I like other cigars more... especially for $9 a stick.

5 stars title= This Van is a Rock Star, 11th Jun 2013

Reviewer: David Waddle

Should I compare this cigar to a rock star? Van Morrison comes to mind. Harsh, complex, it takes a commitment to enjoy this smoke. Cedar, sage, and mushroom dominate the palat with this aggressive cigar. This is not a lazy summer smoke by any means. What a treat!

4 stars title= Sweet Tea and more, 10th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Alan Hatfield

Well made good draw and a little wave burn . It had a musty tabacoo smell . At the light i got sweet hay and tabacco hit with a tea finish . It left a spice tingle on the lips . As i went on i started getting some coffee and coco . The ash went all the way to the band it started picking up some toast . I ended it past the band . It gave off a ton of smoke good flavor . Very nice .

4 stars title= Good Choice, 10th Jun 2013

Reviewer: John Davis

Very enjoyable in all respects. Smooth draw, medium to the taste, even burn, and a keeper. Would look for this one again.

5 stars title= Pleasantly Surprised, 12th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Fred Argilan

Started out with mild cedar but spice soon developed. Went through several flavors, keeping my interest to the end.

5 stars title= Must Buy, 13th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Jeff Kinat

I pulled out this cigar when I was firing up the grill for dinner. At first look, this stick appeared very well constructed. As I lit it up, it did not disappoint. It gave just enough kick for me to know that I was smoking a good cigar. The ash held on well considering that I repeatedly had to put it down as I went in and out of the house numerous times. There were a couple of times that I got distracted, and left the cigar alone for longer than I had anticipated- but the cigar never went out. Definite go to cigar

2 stars title= Not for me...., 15th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Jonathan Kravitz

It's all about the taste...Just a little too harsh. Boy I wanted to like it..

Very well made, oily composition..but the tobacco flavor was not for me.

Can't love them all-

3 stars title= Vantastic, 17th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Miles Brown

Mild and loaded with never-ending flavors of nutty cedar and more leather than a baseball glove. Midway it developed a creamy texture with a syrupy aftertaste that was complimented by notes of toffee, cocoa and almonds. Burned razor sharp for close to 2 hours and never let up on flavor. Definitely worth a try!

3 stars title= Good Finish, 17th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Robert Padovano

Nice cigar that starts a bit slowly, but gets better as you go. A quarter of the way down, this becomes a really nice smoke and continues. Medium bodied with a hint of pepper.

4 stars title= Nice Cigar, 18th Jun 2013

Reviewer: perla De Solo

Nice surprise, great burn, taste and flavors. Medium to full bodied with rich smoke, will definitely add some to my humidor!!!

4 stars title= Wow!, 18th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Reed Skinner

Great Cigar from start to finish. Good construction, light gray ash, nice smoke. No hint of bitterness. The Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers are a perfect selection, complimenting the Habano wrapper. Just an honest taste of tobacco. The burn started even, then went a bit uneven, but self corrected within the first 3/4". No touchups needed. Buy these!

4 stars title= Nice surprise!, 18th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Jerad Johnston

Very good looking cigar, great construction and the 5x60 felt good in hand. Flavors were mostly leathery with some earth and a bit of spice. Mellows out the further you into this smoke you get. The ash flowery and the burn was wonky. But I could blame the burn on the wind, which was pretty steady that day. I would definitely smoke another, it was very relaxing.

3 stars title= Average cigar, 24th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Bryan K. Gravely

The Van 22 was an average cigar. Construction was solid and it burned well with a good draw and no runs. But there was nothing exciting about the cigar to make it stand out. For a cigar at this price, I don't think it's too much to ask that the cigar be memorable and this was not.

4 stars title= I'm a Fan of Van!, 1st Jul 2013

Reviewer: Gary Robinson

A somewhat complex flavor, generally even burn, definitely a better smoke at the beginning than at the end but overall, quite respectable......

3 stars title= A Decent Smoke, 6th Jul 2013

Reviewer: Don Fitzgerald

A well constructed cigar with a nice smooth draw. Provided more of a mild to medium impact with plenty of smoke, and a very nice flavor. I normally don't smoke such a large rink size, but for those that do I very enjoyable cigar.

4 stars title= Good smoke., 9th Jul 2013

Reviewer: Ted Swindler

Good draw and burn. Well constructed, had a slight aftertaste I didn't care for, but overall a good smoke.

4 stars title= A pleasant Surprise, 12th Jul 2013


I started this with no expectations. I left with the following thoughts... great draw, complex flavor a and an overall excellent way to spend an evening. Cudos.

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