Gurkha Raider Toro Connecticut Single Cigar

The Gurkha Raider is an exclusive Gurkha cigar made especially for Corona Cigar Company. Kizad Hansotia, the owner of Gurkha cigars, spent a lot of time choosing the perfect Gurkha cigar for us to call our own. We wanted a full flavored cigar but without the harshness or bite that plagues other lesser cigars. To accomplish this, we tapped the expertise of Gurkha's Dominican factory to produce the exclusive Gurkha Raider cigars.

Gurkha Raider cigars are available in 3 different wrappers: Golden-brown Ecuadorian Connecticut, Chocolate-brown Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro, and a Dominican-grown Habano wrapper. Each wrapper was specially selected because it balances out the complex flavors from the aged Dominican Criollo binder and vintage Nicaraguan Corojo filler tobaccos.

Gurkha Raider cigars are medium bodied, boasting smooth, robust flavors of leather and tobacco. From first to last puff, the Gurkha Raider has consistent flavors that dance across your palate to heighten your smoking experience.

Strength: Mild to Medium
Wrapper: Connecticut
Origin: Nicaragua

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Customer Reviews

Average rating: 3 stars

1 of 1 people found this review useful:

4 stars title= Great "Go-To" Habano!, 8th May 2013

Reviewer: D.j. Skopelitis

Lit very easily with torch and punch cutter. Decent amount of smoke off of a very easy draw.

Initially, there is a prominent cedar tone. As the ash grows along the first third, the cedar blends nicely with notes of leather and dark cocoa.

Second third of the smoke, the cedar begins to fade and is replaced by a light pepper. You still taste a bit of the leather but it isn't as notable.

Last third, minerality begins to pick up slightly as the stick shortens. Less cedar and leather if any at all. Still a small amount of pepper but nothing harsh or overpowering.

Ash is compact and white. It holds the vein well and falls off on its own about every inch.

Good burn line. Canoed a little but it straightened out.

Overall, a great mild-medium smoke to add to your stable.

1 of 1 people found this review useful:

3 stars title= Gurkha Raider, 10th May 2013

Reviewer: Robert Guariglia

Easy to light - caught right away with an even burn. Nice, firm whitish ash. Plentiful smoke.

A bit harsh for my taste. Needs more balance between spice and mellowness. Maybe sometime in the humidor will help.

All the spice (pepper?) stayed on the tip of m tongue, with a short finish.

A good smoke for the golf course, as it will stand up to the outdoors well.

1 of 1 people found this review useful:

3 stars title= A Mediocre Smoke, 23rd May 2013

Reviewer: Brady Koch

Tested this one out on a cruise ship and it was just middling. I had to work to get an even burn, and the flavor never really developed into any thing above par. I wouldn't turn this one down again, but definataly not my preference in this price range.

4 stars title= GURKHA RAIDER, 6th May 2013

Reviewer: Gary Deeb

Excellent corona label. A healthy body for a Connecticut wrapper, but not harsh..

2 stars title= Gurkha Raider, 9th May 2013

Reviewer: Joseph Bourgoyne

Have tried other Gurkha's this one's not for me. Medium nice draw and burns well.

3 stars title= Gurkha Raider, 7th May 2013

Reviewer: Terry Nevin

Harsh flavor. Too strong for me.

2 stars title= not my cup of tea, 8th May 2013

Reviewer: Ken Everist

a good looking cigar , oily with a nice draw, starts off with a little bit of spice. not much depth and taste a little young with a sharp bite to it. honestly i put this one down. its just not my cup of tea. for someone it will probably be a good everyday cigar but for $7.5 there a lot of better cigars in this price range

2 stars title= Not for me., 13th May 2013

Reviewer: Jerad Johnston

Construction: The cap was a lumpy, ugly mess, but it all came off with the cut. The rest of the cigar was well constructed and look great.

Cold draw was pleasant, with a slight spice.

1/3: Leaves a slight tingle on the lips, but only during the first few draws. The flavors are okay, but nothing that great. Strong cedar notes & a slight spice. The best point to me was the smoke. TONS of thick white smoke that lingered very well. After a 1/4" it starts to leave a film in the mouth.
2/3: The filminess is gone and the smoke has increased. The flavor turns a bit toward the bitter side, and the spice is gone.
3/3: The flavor improves, but I still don't like it. The burn has been excellent up until now. It starts to get a little wavy on me, and actually goes out 3 times. Before I finally lay the stick down for good.

Final thought. I was not impressed. It may fit other people's profiles, but it did mine no justice.

2 stars title= Gurkha Raider, 15th May 2013

Reviewer: Dwight Zeissler

Decent cigar. Harsh beginning with lots of spicy overtones. Well wrapped but had a tendency to burn. This cigar is decent but not at this price.

3 stars title= Gurkha Raider, 15th May 2013

Reviewer: Gerard Gamache

Wrapper looks a little dry. Draws easy, ash firm. Tastes a little papery, medium bodied. Burn becomes uneven about 1/3 of the way done. I would reserve this one for the golf course.

3 stars title= Bold, 15th May 2013

Reviewer: Cristian Ayo

This Cigar started out as a full flavored Maduro with shuttle spicy overtones and by the middle of the cigar became a bit harsh. I'm usually not a Gurkha fan but it wasn't the worst I've smoked.

4 stars title= Raider, 16th May 2013

Reviewer: Tyler Donelson

Definitely a big spice left on your palate, not the smoothest smoke, but hey its only 7 bucks, but if you like a heavier smoke with a bit of a kick, then this is for you

3 stars title= Gurkha Raider, 16th May 2013

Reviewer: Robert Venier

This is a spicy one. Burns nicely and well built. Good for outdoor recreation.

3 stars title= Gurkha Rider, 20th May 2013


A great mild-medium smoke to add to your line.
Lit very easily with torch and punch cutter. Decent amount of smoke off of a very easy draw.
Cedar tone, the cedar blends nicely with notes of leather and dark cocoa,followed by light pepper taste. You still taste a bit of the leather but it isn't as notable.
Nothing harsh or overpowering.
A good smoke for the golf course, as it will stand up to the outdoors well.

2 stars title= Gurkha Raider, 22nd May 2013

Reviewer: Eric Sigmon

A nice reddish brown wrapper, tight draw, solid light grey ash, minor notes of leather at the beginning that never developed. slight irregular burn. Not a good smoke, tobacco tasted as if it was not well aged.

4 stars title= Gurkha Raider, 24th May 2013

Reviewer: Rober Rashid

Overall a very nice smoke. I am usually not a gurkha fan, but this smoke was pretty good. wrapper was tight with no major veins, cut and lit very nice and held a decent ash thru out the burn. I enjoyed the first third as it was very creamy with a little hint of pepper, not overbearing. the middle third was very nice with a little more pepper and a leather back flavor. the final third was were this smoke lost points. It was a little harsh at the end and very earthy. if you dont smoke all your cigars to the nub then this one is a good value.

5 stars title= Gurkha Raider, 6th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Charles Koch

Lit easy and smoked smooth and even. Enjoyable for both taste and life of smoke.

4 stars title= Gurkha Raider, 15th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Craig Marynik

Full, dark woody flavor.
Nice draw.
Would recommend for a smooth, enjoyable smoke.

1 star title= Too much of not enough, 6th Jul 2013

Reviewer: Tony Marion Caldwell

This cigar is typical of the Gurkha line. It has a lot of bite but no real flavor. It burns the palette and doesn't give you any real satisfaction. Avoid it.

4 stars title= Strong, 15th Jul 2013

Reviewer: Brian Skarbek

Although I prefer a strong cigar this may not be for everyone. Great burn and draw and good strong flavor. Not for breakfast or the someone who prefers a little smoke.

1 star title= Gurkha Raider, 7th Oct 2013

Reviewer: H FRY

The reviews above speak to all the issues. Not an amazing cigar..nice wrapper should be given with a nice gurkha blade. :)

3 stars title= OK, 8th Jan 2014

Reviewer: Paul O'Neill

A pleasant cigar but fairly mild. It burned well but was not solidly packed.

5 stars title= Nice Sstick, 15th Sep 2015

Reviewer: Dr. Tyler Kortum

I consider myself a tough critic. This was a good stick. Burned & smoked well. Good flavor. Nice after taste. No complaints here. I will get another again

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