Gurkha Gold Toro Cigar Bundle

Gurkha Gold Hologram is the second cigar in our series of factory direct, Corona Cigar exclusives from Gurkha (Gurkha Raider is our other exclusive). Kaizad Hansotia made a boat load of Gurkha Gold Hologram cigars for a wealthy cigar distributor in the Middle East, but some how their deal went bust. Maybe the guy's oil well went dry...I don't know. So when Kaizad showed me these cigars, we haggled him down to a good price and grabbed them all.

Gurkha Gold Hologram cigars have a medium brown, Connecticut-seed wrapper, Dominican binder and a mild blend of aged Dominican and Colombian long filler tobaccos. The flavor is somewhat nutty and mild with a hint of cedar. So here's your chance to get your hands on high dollar brand that would have sold for a Sheik's ransom, at our rock bottom price!

Strength: Mild to Medium
Wrapper: Connecticut
Origin: Dominican Republic

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Customer Reviews

Average rating: 3 stars

1 of 1 people found this review useful:

3 stars title= Great start...not so good finale., 8th May 2013

Reviewer: Drew Lyons

The Gurkha Gold was firm and looked ok... I removed the band which revealed a "tanning" stripe on the cigar underneath the band.
Dry draw was mild, smooth and tasty. Upon lighting...the draw was tough but the flavor was pleasant. A little lite pepper and woodyness..very lite.
As happens on occasion.....I got about an inch in and eveything started to unravel and split. For the short term...cigar was starting out ok...but couldnt finish due to the occasional non assisted deconstruction of this stick.
It dont let this sway you from trying this stick out.

4 stars title= mild, 7th May 2013

Reviewer: Richard Takahashi

very light and mild cigar, perfect for after lunch or late afternoon, hint of cedar

3 stars title= Solid, Mild Cigar, 7th May 2013

Reviewer: James Lay

This was not a bad cigar. Flavor profile was consistent throughout, with hints of nut, black and white pepper, and some spices (nutmeg and possibly sage?). The burn was even and consistent, and the construction was spot on. Draw was a little tight at first, but did loosen up as the smoke evolved. This would be a good smoke for someone who does not smoke often, or someone who simply enjoys VERY mild cigars.

1 star title= Worst Gurkha Ever!!!, 10th May 2013

Reviewer: Perla De Solo

Very firm pack, could break concrete! Not much flavor, bland cigar. Barely smoked half way and had to lay it to rest. I like Gurkhas, The Crest being my choice, but this was the worst Gurkha to date.

1 star title= Don't bother, 10th May 2013

Reviewer: Paul Carlo

Horrible, tasteless, couldn't even get past the first 5 minutes......don't even waste your time. I'd rather smoke a Muniemaker.

1 star title= P.O.S. Stick, 13th May 2013

Reviewer: Armando De Solo

Title says it all.^^^^^

Terrible don't buy. Rather have bundled dry leaves and rolled it in a page from newspaper. Probably would have had a looser draw and more complex flavors than this very bland nothing special "gold" stick.

1 star title= Wouldn't call it Gold, 11th May 2013

Reviewer: Chris Connelly

I felt like this cigar was terrible. It is packed so tight you have absolutely no draw what so ever. Mild flavor, nothing to really brag about. Definitely not a cigar i will go back to.

3 stars title= Bad Wrap..., 13th May 2013

Reviewer: Corey Carroll

This Gurkha is a mix of good and bad. It is not visually pleasing with the gold band and dry wrapper, and to the touch it's filler was inconsistent. The end was packed tight, so it was difficult to draw for the first quarter of the cigar. The wrapper did start falling off after a bit as well.
However, the flavor of the cigar is not bad. It is very mild, with a decent woody flavor. For a lighter, dry-looking cigar, it did not have a harsh after-taste at all. If you can find one with a good wrapper, it is an easy-going mild smoke!

2 stars title= Sorry not impressed, 14th May 2013

Reviewer: Steve Christopher

Gurkha Gold was well constructed and smoked well. The flavor was mild to medium, with little transition. Not really what I expect from the brand. Thanks for the chance to try this smoke!

1 star title= Not for me, 16th May 2013

Reviewer: John Davis

I've tried this brand/model before but don't remember it being as bad as this sampler. The draw was difficult from start to finish making it an unpleasant smoke at best. Taste was mediocre and wrap was stable. Can't recommend it.

3 stars title= Good but for Gurkha you expect more., 19th May 2013

Reviewer: Tim Davis

It's no master select obviously but you hope for something that is a treat. However this just isn't for me personally. It's got some woodsy and earth hints which are very nice but they just don't stand out like other mild sticks nor do you get any sweet notes either. It's a very neutral stick and maybe slightly acidic which some may find unpleasant.
I wouldn't say this is a negative review or a bad cigar at all. It's good, it's just not what I would expect from Gurkha for being on the lighter side. It's just very average.

2 stars title= Not one for me ., 19th May 2013

Reviewer: Alan Hatfield

Looked to be well made , tight firm packa few vains very faint smell of hay and tea . Took the first cap off the draw was tight and it stayed that way. First third had very light smoke out put it had to be double puffed to get anything . Had very little taste at all , it was light hay and tobacco . That was about it a tight draw and little smoke not much taste and wraper cracks all the way till it started getting bitter about 2 " from the end . To be honest . This not one I will be buying .

3 stars title= Surprising Gurkha!, 20th May 2013

Reviewer: Chuck Mackarness

Pre-smoke: Hard texture, nice aroma, very firm and hard under the pinch.

Smoking: Nice lighting but tough draw, smooth but not an easy smoke. Distinct flavor from first to last draw, a bit stronger than I care for, but still pleasant. No runs and even burn to the nub.

Not a beginner smoke in my book, but enjoyable none the less.

4 stars title= Nice and smooth, 20th May 2013

Reviewer: Ron Thomas

Easy draw, smooth even burn ... a little sweet note.

2 stars title= 1st time, last time, 27th May 2013

Reviewer: Mark Sweat

Nothing really appealing about this cigar. It was my first time smoking this one. If you are familiar with Gurkha then you can compare. The cigar itself had a tight wrap, with a decent draw but it was just bland.

1 star title= Tasteless While Falling Apart, 28th May 2013

Reviewer: Fred Villani

I still think that perhaps this was a bad sample. Have tried Gurkha before and while not a personal favorite found past cigars pleasant and well made.

The cigar I sampled appeared to be a bit dry and the wrapper looked like it was going to unravel before I lit it.

Draw was tight, absolutely tasteless, never able to get a good amount of smoke in one draw. And sure enough the wrapper began to unravel.

Hoping that the flavor would improve at some point I kept with it as long as I could. The cigar burned unevenly and I gave up when I could not keep it together any longer.

Not recommended.

2 stars title= I'm a big fan of Gurkha, but not this one, 29th May 2013

Reviewer: Dr Michael Mihalik

Draw was too tight, and did not allow the production of enough smoke. It was mild bodied, but not much flavor...bland, blah...had to fight it...was surprised because Gurkha is usually one of my favorites no matter which one it is.

3 stars title= Not what I expected, 31st May 2013

Reviewer: Robert C Anderson

The cigar did not have a easy draw, but after using my cigar poker to irate it, I thoroughly enjoyed the smoke. It was on the mild side and had a grain/nutty flavor. I enjoyed it with a good cabernet wine.

5 stars title= Sweet Smoke, 5th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Stefan Drago

This cigar has hints of honey that emanate from its Connecticut wrapper. Providing a mellow, almost nutty aroma which overall is a smooth and well rounded smoke.

5 stars title= cigartoad, 8th Jun 2013

Reviewer: William Estep

This was a great smoke the taste was very nice. The wife liked the aroma of it. It was a little hard to draw at first then poke it and all was good. I would give this to my friends.

3 stars title= Not a Gold Standard, 2nd Jul 2013

Reviewer: JEFF COHAN

The construction was solid and the draw was good, but it is very mild. Almost no taste profile, It was like smoking air... I know I am puffing on something because I see the smoke but I sure don't get any sense of a flavor or taste. Nice looking cigar and unique hologram band, but just to plain for me.

3 stars title= Decent Smoke, Some Flaws, 21st Nov 2013

Reviewer: Richard Tremblay

I bought two bundles of torpedoes and one bundle or Toro Ghurka Gold. Though I like the Patel Sungrowns, I thought I give this a try...I smoke a lot of cigars. Most of the Golds I have smoked, about ten, have been consistent. A torpedo had a hard draw and bitter taste. In all fairness, the others were a good pleasant smoke, worthy of the three stars I gave them. The price was right for sure.

1 star title= Junk Torpedo's Don't Buy!, 7th May 2014

Reviewer: Roger Ely

I had some Toro's which were good, but when I was in the store the Torpedo is all that was in stock. Bottom line: Junk! Several have been plugged and impossible to smoke and the few that have smoked have become unraveled. At the core I found as many as 5 thick, stick-like stems rolled so tight that it made it dense to the point that I couldn't push a nail through it. $20.00 bundles I might understand, but not $60 to $80 smokes. This is uncalled for!

4 stars title= Great Value!, 13th Jun 2014

Reviewer: Stan Slavik

Although the smoke was not one of my favorites, for price, you can't beat it. I enjoy smoking them while working around the yard.

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