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Truly a cigar that bridges the gap between infused and traditional cigars, The Tabak Especial is another masterpiece from Drew Estate. The Tabak Especial is slowy infused with the finest Fair Trade Nicaraguan coffee that could best be described as enjoying a freshly brewed espresso.

Jonathan Drew uses some of the finest tobaccos to create the Tabak Especial: A Connecticut wrapper, a Sumatran binder and Nicaraguan Criollo Shade and Sun grown fillers.

The Tabak Especial is a medium to full bodied cigar that can truly be enjoyed by any cigar smoker. Fire up the Tabak Especial! A cigar considered by some to be the missing link between infused and traditional cigars.

Strength: Mild
Wrapper: Connecituct
Origin: Nicaragua

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Customer Reviews

Average rating: 4 stars

2 of 2 people found this review useful:

4 stars title= A surprise, 15th May 2013

Reviewer: Robert Kern

I have never been a fan of infused cigars but this is unlike any I ever tried. I was pleased to find a mix of espresso and a little touch of dark chocolate. The draw was perfect as was the burn and this little maduro also delivered a nice balance of dark tobacco flavor. I was surprised at the strength and rich body - not the mild nondescript taste of some other infused cigars I have tried. I may have to buy a few more of these for a change of pace!

1 of 1 people found this review useful:

3 stars title= Occasional change, 19th May 2013

Reviewer: Tony Wright

The chocolate aroma came across distinctly prior to lighting. Taste and draw had the hint of sweetness - again chocolate.I found it to be a mild smoke with easy draw. On this particular cigar I got a "hot spot" early on, but it settled down and provided a long smoke. Enjoyed with a Yuengling. Would I buy it again? Only if I knew I was going for an infused, change of pace.

0 of 1 people found this review useful:

2 stars title= nice but no cigar, 13th May 2013

Reviewer: Max Szobonya

Nice looking in appearance ,little more then minimum gage then necessary 50 which in my opinion is a prerequisiate for a top end puro had 70% in volume in smoke does have a taste of some flavor though i cant say its coffee draw was a little tight

0 of 1 people found this review useful:

3 stars title= Coffee and a Smoke, 15th May 2013

Reviewer: Mark Sandagon

This dark oily cigar looks deliscious unfortunatly this cigar lacked complexity. A sweet taste on the lips but staight tobacco on the tongue which fought for space on the palet. The cigar kept going out due to all the oils in the wrapper. Over all I was disappointed in this cigar.

4 stars title= A Great Smoke, 17th May 2013

Reviewer: Bruce Larson

Yes, I am a fan of Drew Estates, and infused Cigars... Though in all reality I am just a hardcore cigar lover. I was very tempted to just give it a 5 star rating but wanted to remain objective. I loved this smoke as it drew smooth, was sweet on the lips, and not heavily infused, with a richly mellow and creamy smoke. It really was a great bridge between infused and traditional cigars. I did not find it oily and had no problem with it staying lit at all contrary to other reviews here. A quality cigar is supposed to go out if you leave them sitting. You have to know how to cut it, light it, and smoke it, and this was an absolute joy to smoke. I did not know this was a Drew Estates when I smoked it,.. Though I did make the comparison as soon as I lit it. I highly recommend this lightly sweet, fragrant, creamy smoke, and it was delightful with a good cup o' joe. Jonathan Drew has done it again. Cheers!

3 stars title= A pleasant surprise, 24th May 2013


I've never been one for infused cigars but this one changed my mind a bit . Good strength a mixture of coffee and chocolate flavors and mild on the palate . Not as strong as I thought it would be from it's looks but overall a good smoke . Wrapper was a bit oily which made me have to relight once but still very pleasant.

5 stars title= Great Cigar, 25th May 2013

Reviewer: Tim McCabe

Im a big fan of the infused flavored smokes if you are this won't disappoint. Nice burn i enjoyed this with a nice cappacino so the flavor was amazing. Overall this was another great cigar from Drew Estate.......

4 stars title= Like smoking a cup of coffee, 27th May 2013

Reviewer: Jose Vazquez

I had the pleasure of having one of these Tabak Belicosos this morning with a cup of coffee and Wow. It burned great and had a solid taste. It lasted about 40 mins or so. Overall it was a great cigar and worth the money.

4 stars title= Chocolate Change-Up, 30th May 2013

Reviewer: Mike Cappello

I've had never tried a cigar that had a coffee/chocolate association to it so I was a little skeptical. but, overall I was pretty impressed. not my first choice in a cigar but it definitely would be one that's nice to smoke every once in a while. nice draw and a rich creamy flavor throughout. I would recommend this cigar to anybody unsure if they would enjoy a smoke with infused flavor such as this. I was pleasantly surprised

5 stars title= Tabak Robusto Review, 23rd Jul 2013

Reviewer: Henry Albers

These are one of my favorite cigars. I love the coffee aroma and the slight flavor that I can only describe as like graham crackers. This cigar is fun to smoke in bars with a good cup of espresso. As with every product that I have bought from Drew Estates, construction and burn were flawless.

5 stars title= Bit of a shock., 25th Aug 2013

Reviewer: Mike MacKinnon

I didn't know about these cigars before trying one and I was shocked, to say the least!

It was an excellent cigar, easy to smoke and the Mocha coffee flavor was superb!

Will definitely try again!

4 stars title= A smooth smoke, 15th Oct 2013

Reviewer: Peter Bucher

Really enjoy this little cigar. Great taste and is comforting to the taste. Slow burning and enjoyable with friends.

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