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Frequently Asked Questions

We get many questions at Corona Cigar Company. Here are some answers to some of the most asked questions. Please select from the following categories: 

  • Questions about Cigars
    • What do I do if my cigars are over-humidified?
    • Do my cigars have mold on them?
    • How do I go about aging my cigars?
    • Should I leave my cigars in the cellophane or take it off when I put them in my humidor?
    • How do I choose a premium cigar?
      • Here are 8 steps to help you.

        1. Look at the wrapper leaf. It should posses a mild sheen and not be heavily veined. Wrapper colors range from candela (a light green), natural (light brown), Colorado or rosado (reddish-brown), to maduro (dark brown). The wrapper is a good indication of the strength of the cigar with candela being the mildest and maduro being the strongest.
        2. A properly rolled cigar should have no soft spots or be rolled too loose (undefiled) which results in an uneven and hot burn, causing a harsh taste. The cigar should be firm and resilient. A cigar that is rolled too tight will be hard to draw or totally plugged.
        3. Cigars are measured lengthwise in inches and thickness is measured by ring size. 1 ring equals 1/64 of an inch. The larger ring sizes produce a slower, cooler burn, which results in a smoother taste. Also, the larger ring sizes have more filler tobacco, which results in more flavors.
        4. To properly cut your cigar, use a sharp guillotine style cutter and cut the cap off the cigar. The cut should be made just above the shoulder. This is the area where the top of the cigar curves. Do not cut the entire cap off the cigar. This will cause the wrapper to unravel. Some people prefer to use a plucker to create a hole in the cap.
        5. Light your cigar using a butane lighter or cedar match. Puff and rotate while lighting your cigar and gently blow on the lit end of the cigar to ensure the cigar is completely lit. It is very important that the foot of the cigar is completely lit to ensure an even burn.
        6. It is normal for a hand-made cigar to go out if you are not smoking it. If this happens, simply knock off the ash and re-light your cigar.
        7. It is Important that you store your cigars properly. They should be kept between 65 and 70 degrees and out of direct sunlight. The Humidity level should be approximately 70%. Cigars should not be stored in the refrigerator, as this will quickly dry them out. A humidor is a wise investment to properly store and protect your cigars. If cigars are stored properly, they will improve with age much like a fine wine.
        8. Finally, be sure to try different brands of cigars and cigars from different countries. Currently there are excellent cigars being produced in the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico, Brazil, Canary Islands, Costa Rica, Philippines and the United States.
  • Questions about Accessories
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